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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 05:47 pm
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 So last week-end I went to Paris for a concert... I've been a fan of a girls Idol group since a very long time and I've never had the opportunity to see them in concert, even when I was living in Japan :-(  

Few month ago they announced that this year is their last as they will graduate... I was so sad T_T  Ok I was a bit forgetting them since I discovered Arashi, but I was still thinking of them and secretly hoping to see them... I'm talking about °C-ute, a j-pop idol group that is part of the same agency as Morning musume.

Then I heard that they were coming in France for a last European concert... how happy I was ^^ So finally my dream became true... I went to the concert!!!!

It was in a very small concert/theater hall in the center of Paris... after being in Kyocera Dome for Arashi AYH tour, it was such a shock, but I was glad it was small, so I could totally see them with my own eyes from pretty close... unless Arashi where I was a bit far away T_T But it was still wonderful though LOL
Also, the crowd was full of foreigners (not much for Arashi, but we all know why) and most of them men... hahaha it was super weird to see men that looks like more appropriate on a rugby field that in front of cute young japanese girls ^^ the kyaaaaaaaaaaa part was super manly and I took me few minutes to get use to it LOL.
The concert was really simple, they tried speaking in French (it was sooooooo cute) and they did a lottery to give away some goodies (i was not a lucky number though T_T). They were very nice towards us and they even sang a song that was not planned, just for us... they gave us love, juts like we did ^^

Thank you °C-ute... I wish you the best for the rest of your life  <3 <3 <3

Arashi Abecedarium

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 10:26 pm
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Here's for you the Abecedarium I made for Arashi. I didn't used all letters, but I tried my best to use as much as possible. I'll be making abecedarium for all member individually ^^

A for Arashi: the j-pop group I love the most. I actually try to refrain myself from listening to other Johnn'ys group cause I'm afraid I'll start liking them as much as Arashi. And for me being an Arashi fan is a full time hobby... and a hole in my bank account ^^

B for Bad Boy : the best part of the "Are You Happy?" tour... just wait to see the intro of this solo performance (Gosh when is the dvd coming?)... soooooo sexy moment *_*

C for Come back to me: I discovered this solo in the DVD "Arashi Blast in Miyagi". It became my favorite Jun's solo. The performance on live made me speechless

D for Daremo Shiranai: my favorite Arashi song. I'm also very fond of the Drama I've seen more then once. Also 1 of the few songs I can't more or less manage to sing on Karaoke. I love the rythm of the song, the dance and the atmosphere of the PV. 

E for Encore: the most thrilling moment of the concert I went was definitely when at the end Arashi left the stage, lights still turned off and the crowd say in unison : Arashi.... Arashi... Arashi... Arashi.... etc. It was such beautiful sound and I was overjoyed to be in unison with all the fans there gathered. Arashi didn't waited long to come back, new outfit, and let's keep up with the party... Yay ^^

F for Face down : another song I'm very fond from Ohno's drama "Kagi no kakatta heya". My favorite drama from him.... kyaaaaaaa Riida with glasses... so sexy *_*

G for Guts : The song that made me want to watch Nino's drama so badly, even if it's about baseball and that I don't care about this sport at all.

H for Hana Yori Dango : the drama that made me know about Arashi, even if It took me a bit longer to start getting interested in them. I felt in love with Hanazawa Ruy aka Oguri Shun, but I was cheering on Domyoji to be with Makino. Best couple in a drama E.V.E.R!

I for I don't care what people think about me being obsessed with a Japanese Boys band group. I'm proud to be an Arashian and I'll clame it until I die Hahaha

J for Japonism : the best concert they made so far. Not my favorite album, but the concert is supremely beautiful and for once I like all the costumes they wore... a first for me!

K for Kyou no hi wa Sayonara: Ohno's Sp drama... the one he has a cancer. The film that made me cry the most. The first time I watched it I was lying in my bed and at the end I was crying so much that I had to stop the movie and sit in my bed to be able to breathe again. No really, I almost died watching this SP.

M for Matsumoto Jun : the third member of Arashi I like a lot and the first member I got to know about. I like almost all his solos, but my favorite is "Come back to me". I really like his "This is MJ" segment in ANS and can't feel enough to see his cool side. I like him a lot also because I know that we get this amazing concerts thanks to him... okay he's not alone but he works so hard for the concerts to please the fans and the result is always wonderful. When I started listening to Arashi, I played a little game by myself... guess which member is singing now... basically I was telling which member was singing when in a song. And Matsujun was the one I could recognize the best (especially when they are singing in 2 or 3 in the same time). I call him Matsujun, MJ or Jun.

N for Ninomiya Kazunari : My second ichiban, second because originaly, when I started to like Arashi, he was my niban. But gradually, I started to like him more and more, until I decided to make him as the same level as my ichiban. So now, I alway say that I have 2 ichiban and that I couldn't choose between either of them. I'm not sure what make me put him as ichiban, but I think the song "Merry Christmas" helped a lot. It's my favorite from him and I love christmas time very much so I was meant to like this song! What I like about Nino: probably his face... his too cute not to be liked... for me he's johnny's cutest face (Chinen-kun is really close after him); his voice; when he is loud or angry or mischievous (should I say the complete opposite of Ohno, but they complete each other right?); his magician skills *_*; because he like video games, and he's ability of being so bad about sports (I miss the sport segment in Arashi ni shiyagare so much T_T), and of course his acting. I always call him Nino.

O for Ohno Satoshi : My first ichiban, the one I like immediately like love at first sight <3 I love absolutely everything about him. His sweet singing voice (definitely the best singer in the group), how he moves his body when he dance (the best dancer in the group), his quietness (I still wonder if it is out of shyness like me or if he's just wondering about other things in his head like me as well LOL), the way he lightens up when fishing or talking about fishing is involved, the fact that he's Cliff Climb (in VS Arashi) God, the fact that he is also an artist (even if I'm not really fond of his art, I recon that he is absolutely talented), the way he laugh, and his sometimes cute sometimes funny face. I either call him Ohno, Riida or Nono.

P for Platina Data : I couldn't not omit to mention this movie. It's my favorite from Nino, I'm not sure how many times I've seen it. Kyaaaaaa Nino with glasses... kawaiiiiiiiiiii <3  His acting in the movie his amazing, but I could say the same for all his movies, really!

R for Ryuusei no kizuna : My favorite drama from Nino. I watched 2 or 3 times and I can't get enough of it. I would have love to have a brother as caring as him about his siblings. Through all the drama, I just wanted to confort him in my arms. 

S for Shizuka na yoru ni : my favorite solo song ever. I put it twice in my ipod so I can listen it twice when I play Arashi playlist. It's also my wake up alarm.

T for Thuth: the song that brought me to start listening to Arashi. Like Daremo shiranai, I love the rythm, the dance and the PV very much. 

V for VS Arashi : my favorite show amongst all their shows (all together or as individual). No need to understand Japanese to enjoy watching it, even if it's much funnier when you know what they say ^^

Y for Yozora e no tegami: Aiba's solo I like best, such sweet and touching song.

That's it... now, I really need to understand how to add a photo to my posts ^^ Next time LOL

Self Introduction!

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 10:18 pm
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My name is Sophie, I'm 29 years old and I live in France.

I'm not really good to talk about myself... actually I've been rewriting this intro for about 10 times now LOL ^^

When I was a child I used to hate moving city or country because of my parents job, but now I like traveling a lot. So far I lived in France (for a french girl it makes sense haha), Belgium, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Australia and Japan. I managed to learn to speak Italian and English almost fluently, but I still make some mistakes. I'm trying all my best to learn Japanese now.

Last year, I left France to live in Japan for 1 year (thank you working-holiday visa). I absolutely like everything that is related to Japan. It started when I was a teenager and was watching Cardcaptor Sakura. At this time, I wanted to go to Japan to see the Sakura trees (It's so common I know). Then later I saw the movie (and read the book) "Memoirs of a Geisha" and it convinced me that I really wanted to visit Japan. Few years after this, I discovered J-pop and Japanese TV. I'm a big fan of the Gaki no tsukai team and the J-pop group °C-ute. Later I discovered Gackt-san and he lead me into watching Dramas.

The first drama I watch was Akumu-chan (with Gackt of course) and I'm still not sure why I loved it. So I wanted to watch another drama and somehow I chose "Hana Yori Dango" (it was on the top dramas to see). No need to tell you that I completely fell in love with Hanazawa Ruy aka Oguri Shun, even if I was cheeringn on Domyouji Tsukasa to go with Makino Tsukushi. I kept watching dramas and I was alternating Oguri's and MatsuJun's dramas. Eventually I encountered Ikuta Toma, who became my ichiban for some time, until I watched the drama that changed my life (ok that's a bit dramatic... sorry)!
But that's how it is really ^^ So I watched "Maou", saw a pretty face that I was sure I had seen somewhere, but I couldn't remember where nor who it was. Waited the end of the first episode, completely felt in love with the ending song, searched for it and recognized the name Arashi (obviously when I start liking an actor, singer, etc. I google that person and thank you internet we can find everything we want to know, most of the time). So I searched on youtube for the PV of "Truth" and oh magic... that pretty face was on it... and that's how I started to get interested in Arashi. Shortly after that, Ohno-kun (the pretty face from Maou) became my ichiban and Arashi became my biggest obsession. So I started to learn Japanese , you know just to see if one day I can watch dramas and movies without subtitles ^^ Keep dreaming girl LOL

Arashi: the reason I went to live in Japan for 1 year. For my entire family I went because i like japan a lot (which is true) and to learn Japanese (I did improved a bit I'm sure), but the reason I couldn't really tell is that I wanted to go to Japan so I could get on the FC and get ticket to go to a concert... yes I went to Japan to see Arashi in concert that's it! The process was very long and frustrating, but I managed somehow to see Arashi for their Are you Happy? tour in Kyocera Dome (I was living in Osaka). It was the best concert I've seen in my entire life and I'm glad that I was able to live this. It's a memory I'll cherish for the rest of my life <3 <3 <3

This post is getting long so I'll talk a little more about Arashi in another post.

Anyway, I went back 1 month and half ago and it's very depressing really. I miss everything about Japan. Except maybe the way they apologize all the time and you don't really know if they really mean it or if it's just because they have to apologize all the time. No really sometime they sound so fake >_<
I want my konbini, I want my beautiful pastries full of cream and strawberries, I want to keep searching for new Pocky or Kitkat extravagant flavors, I want to walk in the street and see Arashi everywhere, I want my Japanese TV, I want Japaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Every one should have stopped reading by now, but thank you, you that kept reading it all ^^

bye-bye <3

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